While grief is a natural emotion following a bereavement or any other significant emotional loss, most of what society teaches us about it and how to deal with it is intellectual. You can’t fix a feeling using a rational argument yet our friends, family and sadly too many professionals do this every day. For example following a bereavement they may say “don’t be upset she’s out of pain” while the second half of this statement may be technically (rationally) true it is emotionally barren. They’ve moved the subject away from your feelings and on to those of the person who died. This intellectualisation of grief is so endemic we barely notice it anymore. 
We just know when people make comments they are by and large unhelpful or even hurtful despite being uttered with the best of intentions. Myths such as: 'Time heals all wounds', 'Replace the loss', 'Grieve alone', 'Be strong', 'Don’t feel bad' and 'Keep busy' don't help. 
The truth is that all time does is pass. It is the actions you take during that time that determine how completely you recover. The Grief Recovery Method teaches you the correct actions so you don’t have to hopelessly wait in pain. 

Those around you say you have to 'let go' and 'move on' never tell you how. 
I, Yvonne Griffiths, am a certified Grief Recovery Specialist. The Grief Recover Method (GRM) is an educational method that assists individuals through 1-2-1 or group work to bring completeness to their loss, whether it be through bereavement, breakdown of relationships, loss of employment, health or even a pet. I can also use this method to teach Parents, Guardians or Teachers help children grieve effectively.

The Grief Recovery Method Action Programme we offer, created and evolved over the past 30 years, not only makes recovery possible, but provides partnership and guidance to ensure that it happens.


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